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A tip for arena mode


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Hi folks. I just got the platinum for this last night. I was getting really frustrated and started to regret starting it. I honestly believe luck is involved as already mentioned here in the forums the rocket gun sucks donkey nuts. 


Something I discovered once on arena mode was that sticking to either the right or left side of the screen made it soooo much easier. I made sure to kill anything that spawned near me first and did not move away from the side unless I had shotgun mode which has a small range.


Good luck.

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I hated that game forever. Ended up rage quitting not knowing how people called it 1/10 difficulty. I went back last week after a year and beat all 6 stacks. Its not so bad,  once u get it down n try a few times its really easy. Might just rake a few tries but yes the rocket gun is complete ass.

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