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[Video] Undertale Platinum Walkthrough


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    Amount time 2 Hours

  Easy Platinum Difficulty 3/10 jwtedTB.pngdepending on your Skills


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  ⚠️Read First⚠️




1-The game has more than one way, it is not a condition that we kill the characters, We can make them our friends, but I chose the shortcut to the platinum.

2-Mettaton the quiz show sectionjkuS1UC.png? you don't have to win will not affect the road to platinum.



Two Choices


You can challenge and kill the characters


Count their hits, and befriend by choosing mercy in each round ⚠️but the game road will not be the same as mine⚠️













Trophies: 30




Enter the Ruins. 1:43
Reach the mouse hole in the Ruins. 15:03
3?Don't Worry, I Have Lots of Ideas for Trophies 
Get an item. 15:11 - 15:21
4?Like Getting Items 
Get two items. 15:15
5?Or Getting More Items
Get three items. 15:15
6?Help Me, I'm Out of Ideas
Get four items. 15:15 
Arrive at Snowdin. 20:31
Get to the Spaghetti save point in Snowdin. 33:32 
Arrive at Waterfall.  38:30
Reach the place where it rains. 44:01
11?Dognation Level 1
Donate 2G to the Dog Shrine. 47:23
12?Dognation Level 2
Donate 6G to the Dog Shrine. 47:32
13?Dognation Level 3
Donate 12G to the Dog Shrine. 47:32
14?Dognation Level 4
Donate 20G to the Dog Shrine. 47:32
15?Dognation Level 5
Donate 30G to the Dog Shrine. 47:32
16?Dognation Level 6
Donate 43G to the Dog Shrine. 47:32
17?Dognation Level 7
Donate 59G to the Dog Shrine. 47:32 
18?Dognation Level 8
Donate 78G to the Dog Shrine. 47:32
19?Dognation Level 9
Donate 100G to the Dog Shrine. 47:32
20?Dognation Level 10
Donate 125G to the Dog Shrine 47:32
21?Dognation Level 11
Donate 155G to the Dog Shrine. 47:32
22?Dognation Level 12
Donate 190G to the Dog Shrine. 47:32 
23?Dognation Level 13
Donate 230G to the Dog Shrine. 47:32 
24?Dognation Level 14
Donate 280G to the Dog Shrine. 47:32 
25?Dognation Level 15
Donate 350G to the Dog Shrine. 47:32 

Don't forget to buy items for healing here 53:16 before you go to Hotland.
Buy Crab Apple
53:21 as much as you can.

26?Final Stretch 
Enter Hotland. 1:05:01 
27?Final Stretch II  
Reach Hotland 2F. 1:09:45 - 1:09:59
28?Final Stretch III 
Reach Hotland 3F 1:15:21 
29?Good Luck 
Reach the second save point in the CORE.
 Next to the save point 1:27:20 you can go ( right again right for the shortcut )
or you go to the elevator at
1:27:21  going down at 1:27:48  
30?Don't You Have Anything Better to Do
Obtain all other Undertale trophies. 1:28:09 Platinum 



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