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Platinum Thoughts?


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Surprisingly, the difficulty for the Platinum is an estimated 6/10 even with using accessibility options such as 'invincibility' and 'infinite ammo'... ?  Seems to be based off of the difficulty of completing the challenges.


Has anybody tried enough of the game yet to confirm if it's easier/harder?

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On 8/24/2022 at 5:35 AM, viduit said:

Bit the bullet and bought the game. It's fantastic and yes, can be difficult but not impossible. Finished the platinum in about 10 hours.


The accessibility options make it a cakewalk, however. Tried it after the fact, and it's super easy. I'm sure you can half the time of the platinum if you use it. They have different features like having infinite slow motion, can edit the amount of damage enemies do (or they can do no damage at all), and having the timing for the shotgun be much wider for a slug shot. But using the accessibility features lock you out of the leaderboards.


It's a fun game, no matter how you play it in my opinion and I would highly recommend it if anyone is on the fence about getting it to trophy hunt (or just interested in it in general).


Thanks for the write-up, might have to pick it up.

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For anyone grabbing it through PS+


It's not as hard as the trophy rarity would imply, especially when using the assists like I did towards the latter half of the campaign. If you've played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, you've got a starting advantage towards how this game functions- but the controls are nowhere near as tight as Pro Skater's are. There were times when hitting down wouldn't switch to the Z-11, just like there were times I couldn't turn properly or tricks wouldn't register correctly.


The 'get ammo for doing tricks' system also sounds good in theory, but in practice it's incredibly difficult to keep killing enemies in these massive, mostly empty environments when the only reliable way to get large amounts of ammo is by grinding or finding a half pipe.


That being said, with assists it's around a 4 out of 10 depending on skill level. Without assists I'd wager it's closer to a 8 or 9 than the 6/10 the guide states, just because the controls are not your friend here.


I love the concept and the game is even fun with assists on, but without assists I don't think the gameplay is tight enough despite the great concept.

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2 hours ago, TheRealEnigma_88 said:

The platinum is rare for a reason

I'd disagree over its rarity being some evidence of not being so easy for a specific anomaly that I observed with this games rarity.


Normally when games go on PS+ their rarity inflates, however, this game seems to have been easy enough that it's actually gotten more common thanks to its stint on PS+ suggesting quite a large proportion of the players who picked it up for free are also strolling away with the platinum.


I've not seen this occur before (not that I watch rarity on every PS+ game like some weirdo though... I just happen to notice if I play the game sometimes xD). Usually, like I mentioned, rarity goes down when a game goes on PS+, even when it's not too long or hard as player drop-off on free games is usually high.


I don't know what it's exact rarity was beforehand (I don't think it was ultra rare, or was it?) but I recall seeing it be about 5-6% give or take and now PS5 is like 8%, PS4 closing in on 10%.


These aren't super wild changes, but it's gotta be incredibly rare for PS+ inclusion to result in a more common platinum. It must surely be some sign the platinum is especially easy, at least with accessibility options? I dunno, just fancied an excuse to talk about that anomaly since I hadn't seen it before.

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