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Does Splintercell Blacklist has a [CH] version?

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1 hour ago, Hugo_Gamer1-2006 said:

Hey. I appreciate a lot your help and your time.

I already got it to work this afternoon. After several tries with the ethernet cable on different router ports, resetting and all of that I tried using a different internet. I picker my movel router and connected it to my pc and then I shared internet through my PC to PS3 with an ethernet cable (all of this because my bluetooth chip is malfunctioning so only cable connections work). Turns out I was able to actually get on a lobby. What before ended up on a softlock with this method has placed me on a lobby looking for teammates. I haven't tried with anyone yet as my friend was not avaliable but I figured that it should work. I'm now very happy and excited to finally play, altough with terrible internet speed which Will provably lag a lot.





Glad you finally got it to work, and sorry you had to buy an extra copy of the game. ?


Not sure if this is possible but maybe update the title of your post so anyone else with the same problem will find it easier, though there are only three days left now, so probably moot at this point...


Also, good on you for taking the time to post the solution. 


I have to admit, this game is pretty good, so it's well worth playing and I am sure you will enjoy it. ?



Thanks to everybody that took their time to help me figure out this puzzle. You guys know more than the Ubisoft itself lmao.


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