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Combat unit platform issue

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So here's the deal. I was finally able to build last platform in mother base which is combat one. Build progress bar is full, there is no time left, but for some reason construction isn't finished. It says 'Perform base managment'. What the hell does it mean? I think that whole base mechanic is stupidly complicated for no good reason and I'm getting lost in it whough I like the game after going back to it after 5 years. 

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Well, I can think of two things:


1. The construction is almost finished. Back out, wait 1 or 2 minutes and look again. Every time you enter your base managment it checks with the servers and it should realize it's ready.


2. Your building a platform from a FOB. They're all online constructions and you're checking from offline mode. Enter online mode and check the status.

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