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Gitan Leverages Everything Around Me


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I'm aware that this forum is probably not frequently visited, but figured it was worth a shot.

So I was wondering if anyone had tips for this trophy that doesn't involve selling all your good gear? Because I uh, thought I saved the game in town before quitting but apparently I had not so all my stuff is now gone, haha...ha.


(A moment of silence, please.)


But yea, thankfully the last two dungeons I need don't let you bring anything in, but I was slowly getting there with this trophy (70/99) and I just really don't know what I should be trying to get back at this point (not to mention ALL the points I also lost --- aaaand my good bracelets to farm more).


Such is the way of rogue-like games, I suppose!

It's not my first time losing everything, but it was my first time carrying all that good maxed out gear and awesome bracelets (learn from my mistakes. Make 100% sure you're properly saving or be prepared to spend an evening weeping over all your lost shinies).


EDIT: Doubt anyone will ever do anything silly like me (as in, exit without saving, ha), but should that happen, a way to recover from it is to hit up the Merchant's Hideout, get a couple of weapons so you can +8 them once more and just sell those over and over again. Took me maybe a day? Though I was already almost there, but still. Got my two trapper's bracelet back fast (and a red shield/sword combo) and it was all I needed to be "back in business". 

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