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Mortal Shell - The Virtuous Cycle Helpfull Bug


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I recently discovered a bug in the Virtuous Cycle that let you get instincts from pilars and mini-bosses without limit. It can be done in any map, but in the same area.


Example: There are 2 pilars and a mini-boss near them.


How to do it:


Kill the mini-boss, get his instinct and get all other instints in that same area except one.


That last one, interact with it, and in the page where you choose one out of three instincts, instead of choosing one close application.




Load that save, you will have all the instincts you got, and that area will have all the pilars, enemies and the mini-boss again.


Repeat until you're satisfied.


Another example: One tower have a +1 damage instinct, the next time will have a +2, you can repeat until you have a +20 damage instinct.


If you get all instincts in the same area, and advance to another one, like you kill Grisha mini-boss and get the instincts near him in Falgrim Tower, then go to Ven Noctivagu mini-boss and do this bug, only Ven and the pilars in his area will spawn again.


I hope I explained this properly and good luck to all people who are struggling with this DLC.


Edit: This was done on PS4, I don't know if it works on other platforms.

Edit 2: The bug doesn't work with the Foundling, since with this character the pilars give you one instinct directly.

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1 hour ago, Bezelius said:

I've tried to replicate it twice in different areas without any succes

Best place to try it is at the start of Shrine of Ash, since there's 2 pillars and some items on the ground that could be instincts. Get the items (to see if they are instincts) get 1 instinct from one pillar and the last pillar interact with it, but don't select any instinct.


Instead, when you're choosing one (picture above) just close the application.


When you start again you'll have the instincts you got, but the items, pillars and enemies will spawn again.


I choose these location, since its the fastest to perform the glitch.


Good luck.

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