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If you have the PAL-version of the game (bought it from a European PSN store, for instance), you can use the cancel window bug to perform skip-canceling. It's a technique that lets you skip cancel fodder, thus increasing your dps while also reducing the likelihood of getting blocked.


To pull it off, you have to input the commands for the next two moves during the current move. The default button settings are not at all suitable for this, so you'll have to change those so that Confirm (light attacks) is set to Square, and Cancel (heavy attacks) is set to X.


Start with something easy, with Fayt, for instance. Set Side Kick to SR Confirm and Air Raid to SR Cancel. Keep a little distance from the enemy, tap Confirm to start the normal attack, then quickly hold down both Confirm and Cancel. Once the normal attack begins, release Confirm, but not Cancel.


Skip-canceling isn't always possible, though. It only works when you're in optimal range for the next move (the one being skipped) at the end of the previous move. This is why, for example, you can't really use Blade of Fury for skip-canceling and why you generally can't skip the cancel fodder in later parts of the chain.


You can see me using skip-cancels constantly in my SO3 videos on YouTube. Here's one, for instance:



I've written fairly extensively about the game's mechanics. If you'd like to learn about something else, you can check out my SO3 guide on my pastebin (or on Gamefaqs):

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