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What is needed on each island for getting the platinum?


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Hi, I started playing this game and 100%ed the first island but got no additional trophies. Is getting all keys on every cyberspace stage and getting all the memory tokens on each island even needed? It seems to me that the only requirement is viewing all stories, completing all map puzzles, and simply unlocking all cyberspaces not even playing them. 

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i did the same 100% first island than realise you don't actually have too. you don't need to get all keys or tokens (you can miss more than half on the islands) and still get the plat as their's no trophy for all keys or tokens which makes this one of the easiest sonic games to plat. took me 21 hours to plat. Basically your right about the only requirments are  to view stories, all map and unlock all cyberspace. Even raising your levels up for example ring court is so easy when you get to the last island cause of fishing.

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