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Unlinking PSN and Steam Accounts?


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When I first platinum'd Portal 2, I did it on my old PSN account. I'm considering finding Portal 2 somewhere cheap used if possible and I would love to unlink my Steam account from my old PSN account (Dreakon13)... and link it to this new PSN account (Dreakon139).

Any ideas how I would go about unlinking the accounts? From what I'm reading contacting Steam support is the only way to do it, but is it as simple as walking up to them and saying "I want to unlink these accounts"?


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For anyone interested, submitting a question to Steam Support (requires a separate registration) asking to have a Steam and PSN account unlinked worked. Just be sure to include some basic information (your Steam username, the PSN ID it's currently linked to, the PSN ID that you want to link to it, etc). I'm not sure if all of that is needed, but that's what I provided and they unlinked the accounts for me. Now I have my Steam account linked to my new PSN account and I can get playing online. :)

Took about a week for them to get back to me though.

Also worth noting, when I linked my Steam account (that had all the trophies/achievements unlocked) to my new PSN account (had no trophies for Portal 2), a few popped up for me. I'm not sure why only a few, and the trophies it unlocked were kind of random... but they are trophies I've already earned on my other account and will save me time in re-platinuming the game... so I'm cool with it. :P

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