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Boss Strategies?


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Not sure how active it is here, but I'm new and learning the game on hard mode and my main issue seems to be once I get to level 4 Boss fights, trying to figure out how I should be approaching the spazz of BS they usually throw out gets frustrating since it's not even the same every time. 


Is there anywhere to read about or view strategies for bosses? YouTube seems pretty bare on this game aside from ebd game. 


Very little in terms of the learning to play stage. 

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Main Guide Author here: sorry for this being late.

One of this game's big issues is that there are a TON of items that are only good in niche situations and as such there are a LOT of runs where you will hit floor 5+ (the Real/Manager bosses) and it will become very apparent if your strong enough or if you should just abandon the run (especially on Hard)


another thing assuming you've been following the guide you're probably playing on Hard in Preparation for unlocking Abyssal Difficulty. You ABSOLUTELY don't need to however, and when it comes to learning the basics like attack patterns going down to normal or even easy will make this way easier as nothing about the attack patterns change just their speed.


finding the right character for your playstyle is also key as their unique abilities can really change how you approach certain rooms/bosses. (my favorites were Lucas Base Game and Saya from the lovable Rouge DLC who is straight-up broken IMO)

lastly like all roguelikes practice is your friend. Feel free to DM me on Playstation if you want any more tips I don't play as much anymore but I'm always down to help as I love this game.

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