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Palace of the dead


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Hi all, 

Just started with palace of the dead and would like to ask some advices to the veterans of the game. Do I really have to go through 100 floors or is there a way to skip some? I have reached floor 10 and it took me a long time, battles are not fast and I am afraid it would take forever like this. 

Thank you in advance! 

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If you want to have it as easy as possible, then play the story until you can reach lvl 40. Then you thoroughly farm the 6 temples e.g. in the temple you can get the 4th strongest lance in the entire game from boss. ( 5% drop chance )


If you go with lvl 32-36 in palace of the dead, then you make it unnecessarily harder than it is.


You can not skip the floors, unless you have already reached floor 100.

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You absolutely can skip floors. You don't have to do 100 individual fights. There are forks in the road that lead to the same place, and dead ends you can ignore.

For example from for 43 you can either go 46 then 48, or you can go 44, 45, 47, 48.

If you get a map to avoid dead ends, its about 60 mandatory flights. Took over 20h. I hated it.

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