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All goals on 15 machines bug?


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Hi, I platinumed ps5 and i am currently working on ps4 plat.

The game is fantastic so I took my time just playing the games I liked most. Today I checked and I completed all goals on 15 machines already, but no trophy.

Also I noticed that random goals sometimes are unchecked again despite me reaching the goal befor or even several times. Like line terror, I have the trophy but the goal for making it beyond level 1 disappeared and even the 8 seconds of boost in space racer. If I dont count those I still have more than 15 machines done. But I cant play line terror or space racer anymore, the goals wont check anmore...


Any ideas whats going on, do I have to start over?

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Try to do all the goals for another game. I had that happen where one of the goals unchecked themselves even though I definitely did it. In my case it was Racer Chaser & getting 10k points. I got it, it rechecked, I did another game and it popped for me. Hope that helped if you haven't gotten it already.

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