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cursed castilla trophy tips...

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first off, this is very similar to ghouls 'n' ghosts and is another one of those hair wrenching, diffcult 90's inspired retro games so will take loads of practice to string together thee perfect run... and holy hell do you need a few perfect runs!


you will need your wits about you too, loads of patience & able to remember each chapter entirely aswell as every single enemy location, knowing when and where enemies appear becomes crucial in many chapters... 


this game can be completed on chapter 7, however there are 8 chapters to get through and the 8th chapter is ONLY playable once you have collected 5 moura tears... these are located in:


- chapter 1, area 4

- chapter 3, area 2

- chapter 4, area 5

- chapter 6, area 3


credit to abylight, check out the abylight studios guide for images on where to find these 5 moura tears...


there are 5 secrets to collect too, these are:


- amadis of gaul book

- invoke the lady of the lake (she gives you fire sword power)

- do not harm any mermaids/sirens in a playthrough (found in chapter 4 & 6)

- find the crystal ball & visit the secret gamusin town (crystal ball is the very last treasure in chapter 4 before turtle boss & the secret gamusin town is in chapter 4 after turtle boss)


again check out the abylight studios guide for images on where to find these secrets...


it's worth noting that if you get killed after collecting any moura tear or secret, you will need to recollect them again... if you have gone past the area of collection but are still in the same part of the chapter then you can quit to the main menu & start the chapter over fresh by selecting 'continue'...


another important thing to remember is this game does not support cloud saves either... so exiting to the main menu will lose you items, progress & void certain trophies meaning a restart is needed...


to get the platinum, quite a few playthroughs are needed & you will have to do these things:


- finish the game using no continues (completing chapter 7 without 5 moura tears counts)

- finish the game using 4 continues only (on the 4th continue, you make a deal with the grim reaper & then need to complete chapter 8)

- finish the game, chapters 1 through to 8 in less than 50minutes

- finish the game without collecting every tear & secret (bad ending)

- finish the game, chapters 1 through to 8 finding the 5 moura tears & the 5 secrets, without using any continues (good ending)

- finish the game beating chapter 8 equipped with the fire sword, the sword is obtained in chapter 4 & you cannot lose a single life or equip another weapon from now on... else a restart is needed


a speedrun of 7 chapters can be found on youtube by Boss Hunter TV... you can watch this to practice & learn some tricks to cut time, but you will need to race through chapter 8 using your own instincts...


a full playthrough featuring every moura tear location & secrets can be found on youtube by Game Wisdom, so check out that too...



if you are up for this challenging game, be patient & good luck...







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