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[Video] Wanted: Dead - All Collectibles 100% Guide [Reports, Profiles, Maps, Photos, Figures, Songs etc.]


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Full Guide on my own website ?




There is a total of 92 Collectibles in Wanted: Dead related to "Collections." The Collectibles found in the 5 Missions and in the Police HQ are ALL missable - that means everything in the main story is missable. The only Collectibles that aren't missable are the ones collected in the Crane Game mini-game. You can acces the mini-game from the Main Menu or Police HQ.


Collectibles by type:

- 20 Reports

- 15 Profiles

- 7 Photos

- 6 Other

- 5 Maps

- 18 Figures

- 21 Songs


If you miss anything, you need to start a New Game or New Game Plus. The Collectibles are saved on your Profile no matter which option you pick. Check "Collections" from the Main Menu to get an overview of what you still need to collect. NOTE: If you miss a Collectible on your 1st or 2nd visit to Ploice HQ (small hub inbetween Missions), then you can collect them all on your 3rd visit. The video shows the Collectibles in Police HQ as soon as they become available.


Trophies earned:

- True Collector - Obtain all collectibles. [Silver]

- Otaku - Mini-game: Obtain all figures from the Crane Game. [Silver]



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30 minutes ago, ImAPirateSoSueMe said:

Oh so there IS New Game Plus? Is it possible to go from Normal to NG+ on Hard?

Nope. Have to do Japanese Hard on NG (same with Hard) without any upgrades from the start. You can choose NG+ for the diff you completed it on 1st

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Is this one possibly bugged? I can't get it to pop but I should have everything? The crane game keeps spawning mostly yellow gatcha orbs and a few blue ones making me feel like I'm missing something there (not getting any red or green ones anymore)?


https://imgur.com/a/hQOD9nn (all songs)

https://imgur.com/a/sFEmJGs (all figurines)

https://imgur.com/a/eeRMAsK (all profiles, reports, maps, pictures & other)


Since it didn't show me the % overview anymore I stupidly clicked new game+ without making a backup save before and that one oddly shows me missing stuff? https://i.imgur.com/tqqSrFO.jpg

Didn't enjoy this enough to bother completing it fully but I figured I'm gonna at least grab the collection one ?


Edit: I did force myself through stage 1 again in NG+ to check the machine and it seems collection % increases if I'd continue. The blue and yellow gatcha orb always spawned the same items before so as soon as I got them on the rerun the orbs stopped spawning (only the spider tank, poop, shotgut and cat are now inside).

The stuff I'm missing was most certainly the things I grabbed through the main menu during stage 5 since I got a bit annoyed by the troll checkpointing... best bet is to not grab anything from the menu and instead do all of it before stage 5.

Edit 2: Went to the machine again after stage 2 and got all the ramen songs, the ramen robot and then got it to pop after getting August (again). Still have three "???" in the figurine collection though.

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