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These trophies are pain

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Missing a few trophies still and I am fairly certain I am doing everything right, Primetime should be a simple trophy to get and yet no matter what I do it just doesn't pop. I've done it in different modes, different settings, ran in both directions and in circles, vs cpu, vs 2nd player, closed app, deleted and reinstalled both game and save. Does anyone have any other ideas?


UPDATE: I was able to get some of the trophies to finally pop after deleting and reinstalling after half a dozen times. Logging in and out of PlayStation seems to have also made a difference, not sure why but one of the trophies did pop when I logged in and out after meeting the requirements in the middle of the game. Currently still stuck on Momentum stealer trophy, maybe I'm doing something wrong, so I added a video below of my attempt, I am able to duplicate. If anyone thinks I'm doing it incorrectly let me know otherwise I'm certain the only fix is once again to delete and reinstall praying it works after.


UPDATE 2: So this trophy will not pop unless the screen is shaking when maxed, After restarting a couple times it finally started shaking for me and immediately popped when i scored the TD.


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