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Returning player of 10+ years


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I really want to get back into yugioh with this game and I used to rock a black luster soldier deck. I am a bit intimidated because I know I am way behind on the new cards and new rules and was wondering for 100% trophy would one recommend just saying screw it and go with the top tier deck listed which from what im seeing is something called tearlaments. Or should I go look up what I want to do which is a modern black luster soldier deck... Would that maybe get me plat eventually if I played it well enough or would it be too much of a struggle? Also does the game give you a decent timer in between turns so I can read cards because im basically not going to know anything. Also any general tips? 



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Tearlaments are the best deck at the moment. If I were you starting right now, I would spend the majority of my gems on the Tearlament selection pack to build them. Unfortunately, you missed the ishizu selection pack so you would need to craft those extra cards.


Another deck to play is Floowanedreeze because you can easily earn 20 tributes for one of the trophies. Floowandereeze is also a counter to Tearlaments (graveyard hate) so I would also recommend building them as a secondary deck.


These are just a few suggestions and reaching Platinum Rank could be done with any deck that isn't "4-star beatdown".

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Yeah ill prolly try tearlament then I'm doing all the tutorial battles now not too much of a fan of pendulum summoning and whatnot lol prolly stay away from those kinda decks.


Gotta admit for something that is ultimately a childrens card game first this game sure got more complicated over the years lolol it still seems fun though

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Update: Just hit platinum rank with an exosisters deck. 


For anyone in the same boat as me I would highly recommend this deck. It is a top tier deck that directly counters tearlaments which is the best deck right now.


It is also pretty easy to pilot it only took me a few games to really get the hang of it, and although I'm still misplaying and not understanding how things work sometimes which did cause a few loses, Ive also won a decent amount misplaying as well. If I truly understood how things worked I would've made plat less time then it already took me and i only maybe lost 4 or 5 times once i hit gold 2 and gold 1, getting there were no losses and the deck basically just outclassed everyone in lower ranks.


Very fun game even though sometimes turns last like 5+ minutes and the opponent can potentially first turn board you with like a 4 or 5 3000+ attack monsters with insane effects and you cant do anything about it but lose. 

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