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Can Chivalry 2 Be Boosted with 2 x Consoles?


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Hey gamers... Some questions please.


1. Can it be boosted with 2 x consoles?

2. Is there an IKT? (idle kick time).

3. Minimum players required to boost entire game?

4. Is there a Cross-Play option?


Thank you in advance

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I would recommend to use a boosting session for the specific trophies. 

  • The 100M arrow
  • Deflect a 100 projectiles
  • make an enemy fall to their death
  • revive downed teammates

The rest is mostly easier in offline solo. You basically start the solo map that you need to get, and switch to the defending team.

This way if you stop them the first round or so, you'll get the win, the kills, and the maps out of the way.


This is the method that works for me. It's still a grind to get the 25 wins per map(10 to 15 minutes per game sometimes) but it get the job done.

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That's going for the online multiplayer battles. The training grounds are 5v5+bots and you have the 32v32 mode. But you don't need the gold or XP for the trophies. I think you have all four classes already unlocked to play with and there are no campaign related trophies

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