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PS4/Vita Cross Buy 2023


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I recently bought Super-Earth Ultimate Edition on sale and was hoping to play on PS4 and Vita. When I looked in my download list on Vita, only the PS3 version of Helldivers is listed, and the game on the Vita store is available to buy. 
Has anyone else had this issue? How do I access the vita version? Is this not cross-buy anymore?

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There seems to be 2 version of the ultimate, one is for sale, that doesnt come with vita version, and one that comes with vita version but not on sale. :( If you look at the game and legal info below it tells u if it comes with it or not.





But I think its a error from sony end or something because they both "Should" include ps3 vita and ps4 versions.

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Is the 100% still entirely obtainable?


Didn't realize this game was an online-only until the sequel dropped, and was always getting this one confused with Breach & Clear because they both had limited Vita physical releases, came out around the same time, and have similar camera perspectives.

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