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Hi all,


I want help on how to continue with the game in order to plat and get all challenges.


so.this is what I’ve done till now.


a)finished the game while exploring everything and taking my time to enjoy the game.(22hours!yikes)


b)started new game plus to obtain some money find all castelans and finish challenges like jet ski ,cart,sea monster etc


c)started new game plus on assisted without using healing,without speaking to merchant and finish it under 8 hours


d)started new game plus on assisted and finished the game with handgun and knife


so I know that I have to finish mercenaries for hand cannon and then what?


should I finish hardcore with s+ and then start professional to obtain s+ and then again professional without using special weapons




start professional while getting s+(which will also give me s+ for hardcore and normal) and then professional again without special weapons?


also any tips regarding the weapons I should use on hardcore and professional?



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