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On 2023-06-28 at 8:51 PM, WaluigiBouillon said:

I got it with Chardonnay and a native yeast. I don't remember which vineyard had the yeast that gave pineapple flavour, but it was one of the vineyards best suited for Chardonnay during the king of white wines challenge.

King of White Wines Challenge on Rocche. 

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Finally I did the trophy. The wine is Chardonnay but the most important is when you plant the vineyard choose best quality and low quantity. If the quality down lost the pineapple flavor and got a golden apple or other. The vineyard is on Rocche or Principe. And if you don't obtain the trophy normally, try to play with the yeast lab to obtain a pineapple flavor with 100% probability.


Thank you to whitewas and WaluigiBouillon for the tips.

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