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Lorudo not spawning?


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Hi there !

I am near the end of the game, trying to wrap up the remaining miscellaneous trophies.

However, I cannot find the secret boss Lorudo anywhere. The trophy description says that he spawns by night in a rust filled island. I have been looking for almost an hour but he did not appear!

Is there any other condition to find him ?

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I'm providing the answer for future players seeking this: there's a higher chance for it to spawn in the end-game areas, such as Wakitai, Nekatai, Nekari, Nekame and so on. These are all located in the upper-left part of the map. Lorudo spawned for me on Nekatai twice, during night and when there was still most of the rust left there.

The best way to encounter it is to leave some rust in a couple areas and travel between them during night time. Most players claim to find it (or him) there, in the upper-left part of the map.

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