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Has anyone solved or even encountered this issue, can't find anything about it online. I've achieved SS ranks on all 7 chapters in commander difficulty, yet the trophy won't unlock. Even redid some chapters and beat the games final chapter twice. Nothing.


EDIT: The trophy only popped after I want to the results tab & viewed all chapters individually, for anyone who is unfortunate enough to encounter this bug.


I also replayed chapter 5 with perfect ranks again, don't know if that had something to do with it. But this trophy is certainly buggy.

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How do you access the result screen you mentioned? also, would you please share the character and equipment you used to get the SS ranks? any other tips would be appreciated (i think this bug made you master the game and its ranking system lol)

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It's been a while, so I've forgotten most of the stuff. Optimus Prime's brother, side swipe? I think it was, he's easily the best, best ultimate, best configuration of abilities.


And get very good at perfect dodging and initiating slow mo, you're going to have to spam headshots like a lunatic, there's an early ability you can purchase which massively increases the window you have for dodging perfectly, that's a game changer. Besides that the game is only truly difficult at the beginning. I started on commander from level 1 to get good and shorten playtime.


As for the results screen I no longer remember but it's somewhere on the menu, there's like only 10 possible options so you'll eventually find it, it was a stat screen displaying the chapters and associated ranks.


Even when I did all of them SS it didn't unlock upon first viewing, had to redo a few.


Message me directly on PSN if you need further help.

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