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Three Legendary Heroes


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I only miss this from the bosses trophies and my party is arround lvl73, so i ask wich lvls is recomended, where is the best place to farm for it (1st playthrough) and if i can use an all-divide like the tales of chars cameo battle (made it uber easy)


EDIT: already did it, you can use all-divide but its a 3 on 3 battle so i advide using loyd, zelos and regal, if you used life bottles before worry not since killer bees drop them easly, and the bosses work like this, you reach floor 5 when you go from 5 to 6 you fight a boss, i hope it helps its more intimidating then it actually is hard (i farmed with all my team on auto on the main bridge in mithos castle while watching some series on my PC)

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