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When or how to see VR ranking?


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You are appearing in the VR leaderboard already. If you want to update faster, you will have to do it manually: from the main psnprofiles page, enter a PSN username in the textbox at the top left and click the green button "Update user." That is the faster way to do it. If you don't do that and you just wait, it takes the site as long as 1 week to do it for users that didn't pay the 1-time $12 "premium user" fee, and as long as 1 day to do it for the users that paid that. Both can be updated automatically with the manual way with the Update button on the main page, but I think that the number of times you can do that per day is restricted. Users that didn't pay the premium fee can only do it once per day and those that paid can do it once every 2-3 hours I think (I am not 100% sure about these numbers, I'm just giving estimates here).

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