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Weird issue with PS mini games


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Hello guys, from yesterday, each time I launch one of my PS mini games, my PS3 forces me to connect to PS Store to check something, then it tells me that verification isn't available, and ends by loading my game. o_O


So yes, I can still play them, but I don't know what's going on.

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In the PS3 days, when you bought a game you also got a 'key' along with it. That is, it's just a single file that tells the PSN "yes this is a legit copy and yes this user owns it". Some games forced checks way more than others. I've read that a bunch of games that would otherwise need to make a check are doing that. Trying to, timing out and then just saying 'ah, whatever'.

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It never happened to me for several years on any game.

Currently I'm talking about Super Robot Taisen Alpha.

The really weird thing is it didn't came from the first time I launched this game. I could play as usual until like stage 52 so it's not like if there was a missing file.

Maybe they did some useless update...


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