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Game On Sale For €1.99


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13 hours ago, WrappedInFlowers said:

I was just browsing through the store and saw the game was currently on sale for €1.99. Thought i'd let people know just incase they wanna grab the platinum before it becomes unattainable.


The servers shut down on the 8th December! You can easily get the two online trophies in about an hour.

Thanks for the info cause I checked the game on the Store few days ago and it wasn't on sale. 

I think I have to buy the European version to be able to import my PS4 save data to my PS5 console right ?

Cause I bought the Canadian version, I live in Canada since many years, and I'm not able to transfer my PS4 save data to my PS5 console. So it's mean the game saves data are region locked ?

I just need to unlock the trophy https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/4924-mirrors-edge-catalyst/47-user-generated-finisher

I'm going on vacation for one week and I come back home one day before the server shutdown, so I'm kind of in a hurry 😆


I confirm that the save data is region locked so I just purchased the game on the European PStore and I could upload my save data on the PS5 console and in the game. 


I got the online trophy so I'm good for the rest. I will go for the platinum after my other game I'm currently on with my Canadian account.


This server shutdown made me realize again that I should get the online trophies on some many games that I didn't get the platinum such as Killzone Shadow Fall, AC Unity or Tomb Raider.

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Confirmation of save data region locking
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