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I got Warrior job, but can't do PvP

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Now I have Warrior lv 56, but Curious Gorge doesn't get me start "Embracing the Beast" quest (requires Warrior lv 35). I also use a lv 40 axe, so I don't see the problem.

And the PvP session remains locked to me even if I got the Warrior job. Sometimes this game makes me think I'm incredibly stupid.

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On 12/4/2023 at 5:13 PM, ThatMuttGuy said:

Hmmmmmm....it could possibly be that you don't have your job stone equipped? You would still see that you're level 56 WAR or whatever, but if you don't have the job stone equipped at the time you can't do pvp or accept the next Warrior quest. 

And that was exactly what I needed to do. I didn't notice I received the Warrior Soul. Thanks!

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