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Portal rank 70

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Hey, This is going to be a very long reply. And I hope you can understand what I want to say.

I don't have this trophy on playstation since I switched over from Xbox. But I do have this achievement on Xbox. So you don't need more then just the starter characters, but it would be way harder with only those characters. And sadly there is no "easy or fast" way to get rank 70. And the way I got it was by just replaying the entire game over and over again on nightmare difficulty. I ended up beating the game like 3-4 times by the time I got it. And in those playthroughs I did all of the vehicle sections I came across which you couldn't do with just the starters, you could still beat the game with those characters tho. How ever you wouldn't get as much XP like that so it would take longer. But that's just how I did it. And I'm Shure there's another way that I didn't consider. And I'm also not 100% Shure if nightmare mode even gives you more XP I just assumed it did. And so for you I would highly recommend buying more Skylanders. Since nightmare mode is very difficult and you would need a lot of Skywalker to properly play it. You can get Spyros Adventure Skylanders for pretty cheap on ebay and they can be used here aswell. Either In singles or a bigger lot of them. And if you really want to get this platinum. Like actually are invested only then go for this trophy since it's a big grind where you have to replay atleast some of the game. Plus probably spend money on more Skylanders. And I do have to warn you that the trophy for beating nightmare mode glitched for me on Xbox and wouldn't unlock. I've also heard that same glitch for playstation. Locking Peaple including me out of the platinum/100%. Hope that this helped you understand what you're getting yourself into. (And this is coming from a big Skylanders Fan)

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On 12/8/2023 at 3:27 PM, milano___1998 said:

How easy is it to get portal rank 70? Do I need more characters than the starter pack or not?

It is very easy. 


I recently beat this game while cleaning up my backlog and there is an easy grind method for fast Portal Master levels.


You don't need extra characters for this method


Just use this guide


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