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How to play on a different region of a game you own? (EU, NA, JP…)


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Hi I just want to know how to play on a different region of a game. I’m currently EU and I was wondering how people have another region of the same game.


Do you have another console of the region like for NA or JP?  or do you have to change something in the console or in the PSN? 

And so, do you have to buy it another time or not? 

Sorry if it already been asked 🙂


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You make an account for the region you want, in order to put money on the aacount you need to buy psn cards for the chosen region. 
playasia is the best site for psn cards 

I have a few accounts for UK, Japan and Hong Kong, South Korea is one region that’s difficult making an account unless you personally know someone from there 

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In most cases, you just need to create an alt account based in the region you're looking at, and buy the game again from that region's storefront. The process is pretty simple (outside of a few exceptions like South Korea and mainland China which are effectively impossible) and there are guides out there if you look. From there you can download the game from your alt and play on your main account no problem. Be aware that none of that is possible for Vita games, though.


If a game has a physical release, those are almost always tied to the correct regional stack, so importing is another option if alt accounts sound like a hassle.

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