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Cold, Cold Heart Glitch

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So i downloaded the DLC tonight, and i was enjoying it, but now i can't make any more progress. Not far into the story you need to go to a nightclub and Alfred will drop off a suit, i decided to go into the nightclub first (Why would i not go straight for a new suit?!) so i got to the door, heard some goons, decided to fight them, but when i turned around a wall of ice was blocking my way. I assumed this was normal and went into the nightclub, but i needed some new equipment, which comes with the suit. So now i'm stuck with no way out, i have to restart which is pretty annoying. Someone has told me on another site i shouldn't have been able to get the the door of the nightclub, the wall of ice should have been there and forced me to go for the suit.


So if you get the DLC, remember to go for the suit and save yourself some trouble, i'm not asking for any help, i just thought i put this out there as a warning for other players. On a good note, the DLC has been great so far!

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