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Finally got the platinum


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Playing 100 mini games glitched and wouldn’t pop. Tried on PS4 and PS5 but no luck. For Christmas my wife got me a UK version of the game on disc. I copied that over without installing the update and then was able to get the trophy after playing another 100 mini games. Took me 4 years but so happy to have it completed now. 

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When i read your 2 subjects, i was afraid of being touched by the same glitch, as i played more than 50 and at least 100 mini games. And i precise that i played with the latest updated version. 


But i noticed that i began to play on "difficult" during the 4th first cup and i changed the settings on easy to do all the other stuff and the trophy didn't pop after many tries. 


So i tried to go back to difficult instead of easy and finally after a few more mini games, the trophy popped 🙂


I'll go for my last trophy soon 🙂

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