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Save Transfer and Autopop still available in December 2023?


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Hi ! I 100%-ed this game a few years back on PS4, and now that it is part of the Extra offer I wonder if it is still possible to transfer solo and multi saves and autopop all trophies. Some friends did it when the PS5 version was released but told me it was limited in time. Did someone in the same case as me recently download the PS5 version to autopop all the solo and online trophies from their PS4 save? Thanks

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I confirm this still works. Just had a minor issue for the online profile transfer. I first imported my solo save and unlocked all the solo trophies. Then from the solo game I launched multiplayer but my online profile from PS4 was not listed for migration. So I quit the game and launched the PS4 version again to access my multiplayer character. Then I quit the game and launched PS5 version again and accessed multiplayer via the main menu. This time my online character was available for transfer but I got an error when trying to transfer because the profile was "still connected to the old gen". So I waited a few minutes then tried again and it worked. My advice for online profile transfer: do not attempt to do it from the solo game, do it from the main menu.

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