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Should I Play This Before Rebirth

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I am currently playing the FFVII remake and am quite enjoying it.  I am looking forward to Rebirth when it comes out, but I am unsure when to play this game specifically.  A lot of older posts say its probably best to play this after playing Remake or the original FFVII.  What I'm unsure of is should I wait until after Rebirth or do you all think its ok to play once I am done with Remake?  I should note that I have never played the original FFVII this is my first experience with the game in any capacity.

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Yes I would recommend Crisis Core Reunion after VII Remake. Crisis Core Reunion still follows the story of the original VII while VII Remake is altering the events which happened in the original VII. There is a major plot change at the end of the Yuffie DLC which overwrites the events at the end of Crisis Core Reunion. I think playing Crisis Core Reunion after VII Remake will make the whole thing more meaningful.

Also I am personally expecting a couple characters from Crisis Core to make appearances in the new storyline of Rebirth but that is just my speculation.

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Aaaaah, I finally finished Remake (showed up late to the series!) and really wanted to start Rebirth this weekend, but now I'm "stuck here" for a while as it seems. x) 


Edit: So.. "finally" done. Somehow I feel I should have played it at first, before Remake. However, now I can begin Rebirth. ^^ A little bit confused about the ending tho.. but not spoilers of course! 

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