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Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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I'm at the puzzle where you have to use the water pump to send the pink cube to the other asteroid. I figured out the solution right after I discovered the hole at the bottom of the pink cube. The only tutorial video that exists for this game shows them sticking the pink cube at the end of the water pump pipe and have it send it into the giant invisible spoon thing. Except the game won't let me select the water pump pipe to put the cube in, the object will not register. I can select the water pump itself in which the girl will try pumping for 45 seconds in an unskippable sequence. What allows you to select the pipe part of the water pump itself? I tried heading back to the original asteroid and viewing the object from there, but nothing. So there's some kind of hidden flag that is blocking my progress despite me figuring out the solution.

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Just finished it, the whole experience was awful. I'll leave some pointers since there's no real help about this game.


A warning first if you start the game up and are greeted by rainbow static it means something is calibrated wrong because the playable area size for this game is incredibly small, so adjust things until the static stops. There are two cubes a large pink one and a blue one(there's also a small pink one but that attached to the blue cube and has a clock symbol on it). Blue one is used to power the anchor from a kiosk, pink is used as a means to move the scales after you dump the water out(let the pink cube turn gray by sticking it in a kiosk) and the (formerly) pink cube becomes pink again if you insert it into the square hole by the powerlines and will also work as the anchor tip after you find the hint on how to unscrew the anchor head. The hint folder is located behind you on the place where you start but you won't see it unless you're elevated by having the girl push the elevation switch that brings only you up on the platform, these folders only appear in certain parts of the game and are not all available at the start. Stuff doesn't seem to work right unless you view the hint folders first.


To first get the pink cube you have to use the blue cube so the spot light will be in the powered position and aiming through the scales while they're visible  and hit the pink water which will then change properties and allow you to extract the pink cube(the same way you would burn ants with a magnifying glass). That and once the spotlight is powered look up and see where it's shining, a metal rod should partially reveal itself. Hit the teleporter to bring you to the other area. Collect the rod from the dark area the spotlight lights up when it passes. Read all the hints, connect the rod to the well to form a handle or you will not be able to shove the pink cube on the water pump and send it into the giant invisible scales. Also look at the bottom of the pink cube to see a hole. Once you've read all the hints and seen the pink cube's hole you now have to head back, look at the bottom of the blue cube, hit it's switch so the spotlight is standing straight up so it will reveal a metal sheet. Teleport back reveal the metal sheet and turn the well so water flows up the metal sheet that's on a hill and then flows back down where the water pump is(yes the game doesn't have logical puzzles). Activate the water pump so it sprays water into the scales, read more hints. Look at the water pump and if you cannot just select the pivoting horizontal pipe of the pump on the left(just by itself do not select the whole machine or the girl will just keep repeating her unskippable pumping phrase and animation which takes about a minute and a half each time), you missed a hint.


Once the pink cube fires off into space it will land on the scales that are filled with water. Now to get the pink cube out of the scales you need to send the girl in to do it. However it has to be done in a certain way or it won't work. The scales cannot already be visible or nothing happens. You have to first view the cube while the scales are invisible, insert the blue cube to start the countdown for the anchor to fire off and hit the scales, have the girl hit the switch behind you so you both go up. And then have a conversation while you wait for the anchor to fire off. This is the only way the girl will go in and get the pink cube. After she has rescued the pink cube, you must then ignore it and go back to the other area. Find a hint that shows a diagram of the scale and then head back. Start the anchor countdown as before and have both of you head up the elevator, once the scales are visible select the left side of the scale(the one that's not filled with water) and convince the girl to jump onto the scale so it will tip and spill water.


Once the water is spilled, head up again on the elevator(only you this time) and to your left you will see a puddle of water, send the girl over and have her touch it. A new glowing spot will appear. What you do with this spot is to take the pink cube and drain it of it's power so it turns gray. You do this by shoving it into the cube into the blue kiosk. Then direct the girl to bring the cube over to the new glowing spot and the scales will fly away to that spot once it's there. After all that read all the new hints that appear, take the gray cube recharge it in the cube shaped slot to the left of the elevator so it becomes pink again, unscrew the anchor tip and attach the pink cube as the new anchor tip. With that both areas now collide and the game is essentially over. The girl says she's going to die but if enough people will repeat the game she can continue to live in some form until they make the sequel.




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