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Missing Heavenly Delight Ticket?


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So I have completed the entire game, with either an Ace or Red trophy for every single mission, as well as completed all the gift collections. 

I was never awarded a 10th Heavenly Delight Ticket, and if I go talk to Gabby now she is just Mikey's Dropbox and will not give me the final ticket.

The kiosk itself says I have 0 tickets.


Anyone have any idea how to get the final ticket so I can get the sword trophy without having to gold rank the entire game again?


I saw no mention anywhere of this trophy being bugged, yet apparently it is bugged, and missable.

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Loaded a previous save from the cloud which put me at 2 days until Judgement.


Played through the rest of the levels again with gold and obtained the Beach Heavenly Delight, then got one final heavenly delight on Judgement day which was baseball again, and no way to obtain another ticket with her telling me "You already have your mission."


So the glitch/missed ticket occurred at some point earlier in the game.

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