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Bugged trophies~

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It would seem that it's quite the RNG if your trophies actually trigger. I've seen complaints about a few different ones, and I myself got 3 other ones stuck as well. Mine are:


- Big Chicken (Meet Ares.) - I've completed the entire game, the trophy for completing his questline did pop.

- Wraithless in Battle (Defeat a Wraith.) - got the other trophy for killing all four wraiths just fine and yet here we are..

- Goddess of Love (Complete Aphrodite's Questline.) - No worky.


I'll have to replay the game from scratch for good 10 hours I guess, and hope that it works. Game+ where you keep your skills and gear did not trigger the chicken so I don't think that the other ones will work either. Completely new game required :(

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I had Wraithless not pop on initial play through n on new game +.  Had to run through a new game n it popped then.  When it didn't pop I had used buff potions on the wraiths n when it popped in my new game I didn't use potions, not sure if that triggers anything though.


Now I have Opportunist not popping in The Lost God's dlc even though every godly power is unlocked.  Tried reloading a save to unlock the final power again n still nothing.  150hrs in this game already n I gotta go another 10 or so in this dlc again to see if it unlocks then.

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