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Grounded Mode Trophies


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I cant see why they wouldn't, but i am yet to go through the game on hard and survivor difficulty yet and thought i would hold back until this came out.


if i go through the game on the new grounded mode will it unlock the trophies for the other difficulties i have not done?


i can see this being both difficult and fun at the same time... lol

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I'm in the same boat as you; didn't want to play through it again until I really felt it was 'time'... I still might just wait until the PS4 version to play it again on a harder difficulty.


Yeah my understanding is that they stack like the other difficulty trophies in TLOU (so Grounded Mode will unlock Survivor, Hard, Normal, Easy difficulty trophies).


As in previous forum threads, yeah, it does seem like it will be both fun + difficult at the same time. It seems like it will be a great challenge (1 or 2 hit kills), which should raise the stakes even further!


Not sure if you need to play through on a certain difficulty (e.g. hard) to unlock the difficulty itself though...

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