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How Story trophys work and progress on transfer save?

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I play FFF XIV ps4 ver. (on ps5) and what i did:
-i finished the story

-some of update stories [in half of Patch 2.4 (Dreams of Ice)]

-some 30lv. job quests

-all blue quests

-some levequests
-lots of collect as botanist and fisher


I have few questions:

1.on trophys for both games you need finish Ultimate Weapon story quest.

Do i need finish story again on ps5 ver. for the trophy?


2.ps5 ver. have update stories trophys what i finishing in ps4 ver.
Do i need finish them again?


2.if i transfer my character from ps4 ver. to ps5 ver. can i play still ps4 ver.?


3.when i transfer my character to ps5 ver. what exacly will transfer like:
Job level, gears, weapons, collected items, money, quest progrest (story, blue, normal)?

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