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Glitched trophies? Plus Patch curiosity

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Thinking about starting Fire pro wrestling world just wondering if they're any glitched trophies or Patch updates making certain trophies easier/ harder for example would certain trophies be easier if I played it without downloading any patches or would I be better off playing it on latest Patch (just out of  curiousity)?

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I played this years ago, which was patch 1.38 which made the final gameplay changes and fairly sure the following patch (1.39, the current patch released in 2022) was to just keep FPW Net running, so there should be no changes from that patch relating to any of the other modes. I didn't play on earlier versions of the game so I'm unsure if going for the S ranks (only challenging trophy for the plat) is any easier on a version without any patches. Trophies all unlocked fine for me and nothing glitched on me when going through.


Only thing I recall being a bit unusual was Mission 36 for whatever reason seemed much harder than it should have been and was one of the hardest S-ranks for me (Mission 48 was quite a pain too). It took me over 20 minutes on the in-game timer to get the match evaluation high enough for the S-rank interfering to prolong the match as long as possible. Looking at older footage on Youtube which was on a older patch, it was being unlocked in far less time around 11 minutes. A little odd, but could have been something I was doing wrong to make it harder on myself as it's not clear how to improve match evaluation in a manager role other than to keep the match going, but it's possible something changed to make this a bit harder. 



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