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Motor Museum Glitch ?

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So i'm near from the plat. I only miss severals magazines, working on it. And the motor museum trophy.


But I have 47/51 vehicules on my garage. The only 4 cars I miss are in the telephone booth mission. Even without done the mission, the vehicules count and are added.


But dawn! I mean, I need 30 and still don't unlock the trophy with 47.



Also, I think this trophy is glitch for me since the begining, 'cause I didn't pay attention, but the one for 15 vehicules was unlocked only close to the end story. At this moment, I was already near to to the 30 vehicules.


Is there any manipulation that could help me ? I don't think so. And I didn't see any topics about this trophy.


I guess I will restart the game 😒


Thank you



Edit: Just go the trophy, and the plat in same time. Idk something went wrong, now it's 30/38 vehicules. Anyway, my bad, you can delete this post.

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