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I recommend using a turbo controller

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First of all I'd suggest not to play this game on the PsVita. Reason being that no matter how fast you smash the square button, the ninja will keep throwing shurikens at a kinda low rate. This not only makes the game itself harder, but makes the Boss Rush Trophy pretty much impossible.


When I switched to the Ps4, I realized that the shuriken ratio was much better, but I noticed it was still much slower than in the videos of WR runs.


So, I tried with my turbo controller, and it makes the game much easier. All you have to do is to keep the square button pressed with your thumb after setting the turbo, and with the same thumb you also press X when you have to jump. This way, the ninja will attack all the time and kill basically most enemies with no effort, exceptions being the frogs and maybe someone else I don't remember.


This is especially very useful for the Ronin run. I don't think there is a way to kill the second boss without sacrificing some damage, so unless you use a turbo, you'd die before him.


Hope this helps someone. :)

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