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Sonic Boom TV series trailer

Lady Lilith

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Do you like the humor in Sonic Boom, but you don’t want any of that “having to put effort into playing a game” stuff? Well, this new trailer for the tv show shows off plenty of that. While part of this trailer was already seen in the first trailer, it does show plenty of new plot and funny jokes from seemingly the first episode.

It also has Eggman standing on a tiny hoverboard. Yes, Eggman on a tiny hoverboard.



Some of the "jokes" are extremely painful, but I'm a sucker for anything Sonic related...but I wish they made a sequel/continuation of Sonic SatAM instead.  Who knows what I'm talking about? The one with Robotnik as a dictator and the freedom fighters...actually, kinda like the comics, except the story isn't a convoluted mess.

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