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Objectives - Help Thread


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Just want to gather knowledge on some tricky objectives.

Personally, I figured out one:
- A Lemming came within 10 yards of the exit, only to return to the entrance.

METHOD: Go to Easy level 3, called "A to B". Get the first Lemming to become a blocker near the entrance, then the second will obviously start heading back. Once it approaches the entrance, start to build stairs so that the stairs actually touch the crystal-shape entrance that the Lemmings come out of.

Please help me on these if you can (state the suitable level and method):

1. Pointless: Explode a building, bashing, digging, climbing, mining, floating and blocking Lemming.

2. Boing!: Bounce on a trampoline for a distance of 30 Lemming yards.

3. Working for the Enemy: Complete a level, killing one good Lemming and no Mischievous Lemmings.

Thanks guys.

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