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SCUF vs Cinch controller


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Ever since I used an Avenger for my PS3 controller, I've felt like it's a bit archaic to hav my right thumb in charge of all the face buttons + analog stick when I hav 4 perfectly good fingers just hanging out on the back. So, now that I've got my PS4, Im in the market for either a SCUF:


or Cinch controller.


There are no rapid fire or cheating mods on these, so don't bite my head off. It's just relocated buttons. I don't really play competitively all that much anyway.

Anyone used either or care to comment on them?post-100610-0-74887700-1404005177_thumb.jpg

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Cinch controllers seem like they let you add 4 buttons to the back, while SCUF controllers seem to only have the two paddles. I'd probably look more into the Cinch controller, but I don't know until I'd be able to try out either of these. Also these can get really expensive the more you modify them. I don't know if I'd pay more than $100 for a game controller.

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