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Tough Trophies


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I am trying to obtain 100 percent trophy completion in this game but cannot find any collectible guides online, also is the only way to achieve 4 star in a level to get 4 stars in every stat at end of mission e.g. nutshots, headshots, melee attacks?



Also does anyone know if the Capo trophy (complete last level on crazytrain difficulty) can be earnt in co op because it doesn't state it has to be in solo in the description.

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For the 4-star ranking, you only need to get 4 stars in 6 categories, so you can build a strategy, like whenever you get 4 stars in headshots or nutshots or melee, take note of how many or which percentage you needed, so next time you only need to perform X nutshots to get 4 stars, then focus on performing headshots, etc...


As for the collectibles, I guess it's still early for anybody to make a comprehensive guide. Let's wait a bit!

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