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Sniper Elite v3


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I have cleared the Campaign on CADET-MARKSMAN and SNIPER ELITE and I am now playing it on AUTHENTIC. My problem is no matter what I do, it still says 98% of the Campaign done. WHY IS THIS??


ALSO...........I would like the DLC of Hunt The Grey Wolf but cannot find it anywhere. Is it available on PS Store?


I am currently ranked 72 in Campaign mode on the official leaderboard with the second longest shot of 647 metres (I THINK ITS 2nd best)...


I am now going to attempt a 657 metres. You can do this on the PONT DU FAHS AIRFIELD from the sniper nest at the end of the runway. Go there and zoooooom into the mountains and TAG the only soldier there. Then go down to the runway and when it doesnt allow you to leave the battlefield (647m) lie down and crawl and this gets you to 657m.



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either you missed a collectible/objective or the game hates you



Nope....I collected every single collectible and completed every optional objective. Still says 98% complete. Ive cleaered every mission as my trophies show.





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Are you missing weapon parts? There are 15 to collect from dead soldiers, 1 on mission 1 and 2 on every other mission. Usually missed as they aren't listed as collectibles on the mission select screen... Unfortunately there's no way of telling which you've missed - you need to go through every mission searching for them again but there is a video guide out there as they're always on the same soldiers.

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