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Glitch on mission 10 (the fight with the king ork at the end)

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Unless you have a plan before hand and have a good co-op partner team; you might find this stage to be one of the hardest ones (it was mine until I found the glitch), There is a way to avoid fighting the king directly. I recommend getting using the thief for this, although I've manage to pull it off three times using both the thief and the knight. Now! Before going into the arena, there is a wooden trap door. You have to go through it to start the fight; HOWEVER! there is a glitch i found on my own. Jump into the trap door and jump at the last second! to both grab the ledge and trigger the fight. Doing so will allow you to stay up there and having the king ork down unable to reach you. Now what you need to do is:

A) jump on the trap door to open it.

B) jump back and charge an explosive arrow and shoot it diagonal down to hit the king.

C) keep doing it until the game let's you know that you have beaten him.


I'll try to answer any questions about the glitch. Good luck :)


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