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[Text only] Trials Solutions ! Spoilers ahead !


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Hello, as I've almost plated the game, here's some help for those who'd wander around finding the right bullets to use/words to put.


[i'm not saying this is 100% accurate, I've been collecting info as I played the game, so the sentences might not be exactly put in the game like this]


Anyway, I hope it'll help. If you need anything else, feel free to PM me :)

Cheers !



P.S. : Obviously, it contains spoilers regarding the killers' identity ; viewer's discretion is advised.


Chapter 1
Moved the body > [Counter] Bloodstain under the Table
Byakuya couldn't see in the Dark > [Counter] NVG
Brought them > [Counter] Duralumin Case
Duct Tape
Murder Threat
Glowing Paint
Before the Blackout > [Consent] Nekomaru's Account
Laxatives > [Counter] Party Dishes
Power surge > [Consent] Irons in the storage room
Irons caused the Blackout > [Counter] A/C Timer
The lamp
The power cord
When he was cleaning
Ultimate Lucky Student
Knife he hid > [Counter] Mikan's autopsy results
Ibuki's Account
Because there's no blood on Nagito
Storage room tablecloth
Under the floor
Gundham Tanaka
No alibi > [Counter] Chiaki's account
Used a light > [Consent] Kitchen equipment list
Kazuichi have seen it > [Counter] Fire Door
Teruteru Hanamura
I was in the dining hall > [Counter] Gaps in the floorboard
Embarassing pose
Iron Skewer
Meat on the bone
Chapter 2
A : Mikan
B : Hiyoko
C : Ibuki
D : Mahiru
E : ???
F : Fuyuhiko
Little Sister
Dead High School Girl
Girl E was the Killer
Shattering Glass > Broken Vase Photo
Beating > Stolen Swimsuit
Killer of 4th Day : Guy F
Proof : Metal Bat
Didn't Go > Footsteps
Morning Walk > Letter
Suspicious Place : Closet
Dropped the Gummy > Gummy Bag
Last Ounce of Strength > Autopsy Report
Washed in the Shower > Shower Room
She can't dress by herself
Letter Mahiru had in her pocket
Both Letters
Before Hiyoko arrived / After Hiyoko left / Beach House
The Closet
Surfboard Case (3 row on the right)
Can't Wash it off > [Counter] Other than the Shower
The Drinks inside the Refrigerator
No Water Bottles > Trash Can
Culprit : Peko
Small Window in the Shower Room
Bamboo Sword
Bamboo Sword Bag
The Body Discovery Announcement
Ending Prize
Chapter 3
Imitating the Movie > Movie Ticket
Locking from the Inside > Transparent Glob
The body was hidden / The Wallpaper / They covered the pillar
To mix up the killing order
Stepped on something > [Agreed] Blood on the soles
Blood > [Counter] Streak the floor
Nobody has an alibi > Mikan's account
Own free will > [Agreed] Motel Key Room
Fought the Killer > [Counter] Sonia's Account
Stepladder (again)
Filming Location
The camera / The Music Venue / They took it with them
Destroyed it
Conference Room
The Music Venue looks like the Conference Room > [Consent] Music Venue's Curtain
The Ibuki in the Conference Room
Someone's Lie > [Consent] Rope used for Hanging
Camera Angle > Culprit's error
Theater Bonus Prize
Chapter 4
Used the Hammer > [Counter] New Hammer
Broken Pillar
Tipping the Pillar Over > [Counter] Pillar Fragments
Exact Same Place > [Counter] Strange Feeling in the Tower
Everything > [Counter] Oil on the Floor
Life-Threatening Game
The Sky
The Forest
They Exist / Same Building / Vertically Connected
Floor Above
Dummy> [Counter] Strange Feeling in the Tower
They were all on the Floor
Only the Floor moves
Vertically > [Counter] Kazuichi's Account
An eight-shaped form (?)
Grape House, 3F
Moving Object > [Counter] Good Night Button
Broken Doorknob > [Consent] Wire
Still in Sleep Mode > [Counter] Alarm Timer
He collided with the Pillar
Messed with the Clock > [Counter] Radio Clock
The Time in the Building / The Building's Clocks / Both Houses
Heard a Sound when he fell > [Consent] Akane's Account
Two Hours
Monokuma Tai Chi
Deluxe Rooms
The Only mean of travel > [Counter] Secret Passageway (Green Bullet)
Maelstrom of you own Confusion > [Counter] The Wire
The Four Dark Devas
Chapter 5
Tortured Nagito > [Counter] Duct Tape
After they killed him > [COunter] Duct Tape
Opening the door > [Consent] Monokuma Panels
MP3 Player
The Killer couldn't have left
Nagito Komaeda
Tie up your own legs > [Counter] Burned rope
His right sleeve
Propped the knife somehow > [Consent] Monokuma Plushie
Rules out the left hand > [Counter]  Blood on the left hand
Above Nagito / A ceiling Girder / The spear's Cord
Monokuma File #5
Cause of Death
Something that can't be seen > [Consent] Monokuma's Special Poison
Gas / Through his nose
The Sprinklers
The Container
Fire Grenade
Piece of Blue Paper
We all threw the Grenades
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda
To make someone throw the Poison
His talent
The traitor
Chiaki Nanami
Monomi's Notebook
Final Dead Room
Me > [Counter] Sonia's Account
Faked beforehand > [Counter] Monokuma's Account
Chapter 6
Virtual Program (?)
Our School Memories
The Bodies > [Consent] List of Students
Killing Game > [Counter]New World Foundation
Chiaki Nanami
Hajime and the Others / Hajime and the others / To recover from Despair
Kill us all
Detroyed your own bodies > [Counter] Vision of Nagito
... (?)
Defy > [Counter] Email to Makoto Naegi
Junko Enoshima
Jabberwock Park
The School trip's rules
The Reserve Course Students
Shutdown Sequence
Not enough people
Revert to Ultimate Despairs
The Future Foundation / The Killings / Surveillance Cameras
Teacher's Final Decision
The Founder of the Academy
Created Hope > [Consent] Hope Cultivation Plan
Endless game Utopia > [Green Counter] last orange word
Everything > [Green Counter] Create the Future
That's Wrong!
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