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Expensive Taste trophy

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I thought I should make a post with my experience with this trophy. It's the one that you get from making a Legendary from the Grinder.


I was reading a lot of information that all pointed to the exact same thing - kill Iwajira (misspelled probably, the big Kragg in Serenity Wastes) until he drops the legendary Rocket Launcher, dupe it, then use both in the Grinder with some other Epic weapon to get a different Legendary.


I tried doing this, but in the near 30 or so kills of the guy, I never got a single Legendary. Bad luck? Probably. However, if there's anyone out there with just as bad luck as myself, I may have found an alternative route, that in fact may be easier, assuming other people can have success with it.


This was done with patch 1.03, so I'm unsure if it works with prior patches, or if it will continue to work in future patches:


All you should need is 3 Epic (purple) class mods - 3 of them in the Grinder should allow you to use Moonstones, in turn guaranteeing a Legendary class mod.


I didn't realize that class mods could even be used in the Grinder until way late in the game (like post level 40); so the ones I used were all level 50ish. I would doubt that the level of the mod is important; it doesn't seem to matter in any other grind, but then again I haven't tested it to be sure. Again, they all need to be the same quality (Epic) and my assumption is they all have to be for the same class (for example, you can't grind 2 Claptrap mods and a Wilhelm mod). 


That said, farming Iwajira is still the easiest way to do this if you're at end-game, but looking for Epic class mods is much more reliable. They certainly seem to be a lot more common of a drop than the Legendary (for me anyway). Even if they don't drop during the fight itself, you can still pick up all the trash from the fight, sell it, then continue to look for an Epic class mod from the Nurse Nina machines.


I would also like to point out that this combination of Epic mods in the Grinder was the only one that gave me the option to use Moonstones for the grind. I also tried Epic Grenade mods, O2 kits, weapons and shields - none of them gave me the option, and none of them ultimately gave me a Legendary when grinded. 


I'm curious to know anyone's thoughts, since it seems peculiar to me that no one has pointed this out in all the searches I have done about this trophy.

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I believe you can grind any three purple weapons with the chance of a legendary.


When the game first released you were required to grind two legendary items and a purple for the chance at a legendary.


With that being said I never liked killing Iwajari and thought that was the most over rated way to farm for gear.


Honestly they give out enough golden keys and you can grind purples. All you need is the golden chest.


As a secondary source of loot I found farming vending machines to be rewarding in this game. Particularly those found in the final area before fighting the final boss.

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Oh golden keys are easy to get (or are they shift keys)? I never bothered doing any research about that, I guess I should have.


You're right about the vendors though - the only legendary gear I ever saw were from vendors (5 or 6 times actually). Unfortunately I never had the cash on hand to buy them, they always seemed to be like 2x the amount I had at the time. I did read that as a potential strat for this trophy though - keep reloading until you see one from the vendors.


I tried a number of times grinding 3 epic weapons at a time (around 20 times I think), but I never got a legendary from it. Maybe the odds are just really really low.

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